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tv   FOX and Friends First  FOX News  August 16, 2013 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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>> it's august 16th. a fox news alert. turns out the laws that were supposed to protect people's privacy rights didn't. nsa broke the privacy rules thousands of times per year. >> obama care is coming. the extra cost isn't the only thing to bring with it he what every american needs to hear. >> a discovery for dog owners every where. warnings of serious health risks. "fox & friends first" starts right now.
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>> good morning everyone. you are watching "fox & friends first" on this friday morning. i am patti ann browne. >> i am heather childers. thank you so much for starting your day with us. right to our top story. breaking news overnight the nsa broke privacy rules and over stepped the legal authority thousands of times each year. that's according to a new report from the "washington post". most violations involved the unauthorized surveillance of america. >> elizabeth brpran is liv prane from washington with the latest. >> the agency over stepped the boundaries. edward snowden proving significant violations include the unauthorized use of information on more than 3,000 americans and green card holders quote a large number of calls from washington were intercepted in 2008 after the district's
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area code was mistaken to the country code for egypt. in 2012 more than 2700 incidence of unauthorized collection as well as distribution of what is normally legally protected communications. the article's reporter saying there were a multitude of mistakes made. >> searching on the wrong names or searching on u.s. persons improperly or searching on people who they have no reasonable suspicion or length to terrorist groups. >> in a statement the nsa said it tries to identify problems and in part the statement reads we take each report seriously investigate the matter, address the issue, constantly wolook fo trends and address them as well all as part of the over site and compliance efforts. it's really a reflection of the culture. >> the nsa is a reflection of the culture you see from the top. you have a president and
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administration that revels in going beyond the box if you will that they are limited to by law i think that seats all of the way down. >> as a remiernd the president reminding the american people of the legality of the program. >> keep in mind as a senator i expressed a healthy skepticism about these programs. as president i have taken steps to make sure they have strong over site by all three branchs of government. >> the three judges said the court lax the tools to independently verify how government surveillance breaks the court rules that aims to protect the americans. patti ann, heather. >> elizabeth bran liprann live washington. thank you. egypt breaks into more protests. president obama canceled joint military exercises with them after a violent crack down on protestors in cairo. >> while we want to sustain a
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relationship with egypt, our traditional cooperation could not continue as usual when civilians are being killed in the streets. >> right now the u.s. supplies $1.3 billion in aid to egypt. the president said that could be on the chopping block if the violence continues. >> he's accomplished a remarkable feat in the last two years of alienating every faction of egypt. he needs to back off now and accept the fact that the egyptians have come to this pass themselves and they will have to resolve it. >> the death toll continues to rise from this week's bloody crack down on mohammed morsi supporters. 650 people confirmed killed and thousands more injured. 7 month old florida boy has died after eating one of the laundry detergent pods.
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if confirmed it would be the first death in the country tied to the single load lawn tree packets. according to poison control certainties 5,000 people have been sickened by the pod this year. poison control officials have been warning of the darrenings of the detergent saying children might think these pods are candy. >> we have learned a hard-working business which is possibly a violation of federal record keeping laws. lisa jackson the head of the environmental protection agency reportedly used the account to e-mail with a corporate lobbyist. this comes months after it was revealed jackson had another account with the alias of richard windsor. she resigned in february after four-year with the obama administration. the epa has promised to review and revamp the e-mail practices and policies. >> investigators say there is no evidence so far to suggest
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engine failure was to blame in the ups cargo jack crash. they hope to get more information from the two black boxes recovered yesterday. >> adds you can image the boxes are made not to be opened up they are made to with stand crashes in heat. it is more difficult to get into them. we have to saw into them and cut into them and that takes some time. there's software they have to use to dloind the data. >> -- download the data. >> it was bound for birmingham from kentucky. it was supposed to land on a shorter runway the pilot and co pilot died. >> she rose to fame on ""that '70{case)s show"" she died at the young age of 43. we have more details on this sad story. >> very unfortunate.
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good morning heather. good morning to everybody at home. she played the role of eric forman's attractive older sister on "the 70's show." >> eric? >> shouldn't you put clothes on? >> aren't you a little cold? >> in fact i am hot? >> then why don't you go up stairs. >> lisa robin kelly passed away in her sleep' at rehab. she checked herself in earlier in the week forral all abuse. >> she was hospitalized on sunday with a blood alcohol level of .34 which is border line fatal. she was arrested several times for a string of incidents in 2010. she pled guilty of drunk driving earning her a night of jail of unsupervised probation. she was arrested on a count of spousal abuse. though charges were dropped in
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november of the same year kelly and her husband both arrested for assault. this past june she was arrested again for suspicion of driving under the influence. former 70's show co-star said ternl awful news brilliant on 70's. see you next time rlk, kisses. >> she was very hopeful rehab would help her out. obama care is coming and so are the scammers. the warnings centered around the information of the health insurance changes. that is where people will be able to go to shop for coverage. consumers should watch out for con artists calling and trying to verify fake exchanges. state and federally run exchanges do not open for business until october 1st. the scams will only get worse as the deadline approaches.
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now to an extreme weather alert 34 major fires burning more than 1,000 square miles in 11 western states. they have been fuelled largely by severe drought conditions. there's good news this morning the lightening sparked wildfire that joined 8 homes at a utah resort town is now 50 percent contained. for more on the fire danger we turn now to maria molina. she is tracking third day of possible flooding in another part of the country. good morning maria. >> unfortunately across sections across northern rockies and parts of the central rockies we have the elevated wildfire danger still in place. red flag warnings are in effect and wildfires in nevada and utah. we are looking at low humidity as low as 5 percent humidity. that is not good news for firefighters trying to put out these wildfires in this region. you are looking at hot temperatures and gusty winds gusting up to 30 miles an hour.
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these conditions not favorable. these watches made effect through this evening and into tonight. across the southeastern u.s. we have been talking about a lot of heavy rain that has been the story the last couple days. take a look at the forecast this weekend and into early next week. more areas of heavy rain across the state of georgia and the florida panhandle. some could pick up more than 5 inches of rain. the ground already saturated out here. meanwhile temperatures across the great lakes being fall like 44 international falls 54 in the city of bauuffalo and i want to show you the highs quickly in atlanta. >> all is coming. wall street hit hard yesterday. will it rebound today? or will it take another punch? let's turn to lauren simonetti who has that and all of your other top business stories.
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>> unfortunately we are starting with bad business news this morning. let's show you the big board yesterday so you can look at the damage yourself. the dow up 225 points making it the worst day since june. futures this morning up a little bit. we could be in for a bumpy ride today. wal-mart notices shoppers are spending less money. and the fed. it was a good report on the job market yesterday. they can take the foot off the stimulus pedal. changing the rules of the gas millage on car windows. the hybrids were inflated. they thought they were getting 47 miles to the gallon for combined city and highway they were really getting 43.
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ford legally tested the c max hybrid against similar cars but small design changes to more advanced vehicles are making that formula problematic. if you bought it accept a $550 check from ford. travelers looking to redeem airline miles and hotel points may be looking out on another valuable reward. they have parking fancy lounges and other perks to lower business. you are more inlined to score big at regional airports. >> lauren simonetti fox news. >> here's a recap of the viral videos. which one did you like best? >> it is electric an amazing site as another sliglightening strikes a train in tokyo. >> a gunman knocks a young girl
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right to the ground. luckily she is okay. a bad wedding day surprise. a grandmother confused con fete at this in one hand a drink in her other. luckily the drink was only water. you can send your comments to us you can tweet them to fox friends first or e-mail or vote on the poll. >> the american muslim political action committee plan to hold a march on the anniversary of 9-11 creating quite a fire starm. sean hannity had something to say. it's a play tant a-- blatant ac. >> we deny terrorism. we understand with solidarity denouncing that -- >> that's not what your at the same time says at a-- statements
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>> time now to look who is talking. originally called the million muslim march, the american muslim political action committee has now changed it to million american march. the group claims the government has failed to protect their civil rights and it is demanding the laws be enacted to protect their first amendment rights. this is a blatant sign after it is somber for so many americans. what critics call the disrespectful timing of the
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march. >> here the victims -- i will ask the question again. this is the day to remember them and their families. they will never see their parents again never see their loved ones again they will make this day of all days radical islamists responsible for the attack. you want to make this a day about bigotry against muslims. >> not really. we are standing this day to show america that we are muslim. we denounce terrorism and we understand with solidarity denouncing that -- >> that's not what your statement says at all. >> a facebook page for the mark says less than 10 people attending before it was taken down. >> jews released the death toll for obesity epidemic worse than thought. it accounts for 18 percent of the deaths of americans ages 40 to 85. they put the number at only 5
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percent. researches also say younger generations are even greater risk of becoming obese. women are also more likely to die from obesity than men. kidnapped anderson making her first public appearance in california since her rescue. she didn't speak to the media as she walked into a fundraiser to benefit her and help pay for her mother and brother's funerals. they were both killed by her kidnaper james de image yo. fbi agent shot him dead. >> problems still plaguing "spiderman" turn off the dark. another actor was seriously hurt when his leg got lodged under a piece of equipment on stage. the rest of the performance was canceled. the 23-year-old actor is now the 6th person hurt since the show opened three years ago. the time now is 19 after the st top of the hour. a disturbing discovery for dog owners every where.
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a major pet food recall this morning coming with serious health risks. >> she ran her prostitute business out of a zumba studio. now her husband is taking her back. you might not believe the reason why. ask me what it's like
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>> we hope you are waking up to
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a big day wherever you are. we thank you for joining us. we have news for pet owners. listen up to this, nearly 30 types of dry dog and cat food are being recalled because they might be contaminated with salmonella. lydia is live on the upper west side with those details for us. lydia? >> good morning heather. this is a very serious wide reaching national recall. many of those products were sold right here on the east coast. in new york city alone there are about a million cats and dogs that are pets. this effects a lot of pets. it also effects humans. after routine testing proctor & gamble recalled some of their eukanuba and iams dog and cat foods. they were contaminated with the bacteria salmonella. the effective items were distributed across the country but again mostly here on the
2:25 am
east coast. both animals and humans can become infected by salmonella. humans by handling the food not washing their hands properly and pets eating it. they may have similar symptoms diarrhea vomiting, cramps. if your pet has these symptoms you should contact your vet right away. there has been no reports of salmonella related illnesses as a result of any of these products. to get a detailed list to see if your products is one of these recalled products head to usda dot gov. >> -- >> they are major products used. >> christian gar heart was sentenced to 27 years in prison for murder. he was convicted of killing john
2:26 am
sohas and h. he had been atenant living under a false name. she was convicted of running a prostitution ring out of her zumba dance studio. alexis wright's husband is standing by her side. he's taking her back because he believes her story working as under cover agent. part of it involves pasting videos of herself and sending them on-line. >> oo still to come it could lead to some out of this world discoveries. the government lifting a lid on one of the most secretive places in the country. >> a state troopers close call with death. a massive tractor trailer comes within inches of hitting him. first on this day in history back in 1977 the king of rock and roll elvis presley died.
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>> the nsa broke privacy rules thousands of times per year.
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>> if you are about to grab a cup of coffee the darrenings lurking in your cup. >> out of this world discoveries. the government lifting the lid on one of the most secretive places in the country. fox and friends first continues right now. >> good morning. it is friday morning. i am heather childers. >> i am patti ann browne. it is 20 minutes after the hour. to the top story a fox news alert breaking overnight the nsa broke privacy rules and over stepped the legal authority thousands of times each year. that is according to a new report from washington. the "washington post"
2:32 am
published the unauthoriinformat about the unautize the use of green card holders. in 2012 more than 2700 incidents of unauthorized collection of what is supposed to be protected communications. there were a multitude of mistakes made which the court couldn't regulate. >> as i reported in the story that involves the chief judge of the cord there was also a significant violation in 2009. it was so significant that the nsa described it as a major event that caused it to create a whole new wing of compliant officers. >> in a statement the nsa said it tries to identify problems. in part we take each report seriously investigate the matter, address the issue,
2:33 am
constantly look for trends and address them as well. all as a part of nsa's internal over site and compliance efforts. critics say it's ingrained in the system. >> a lot of what happens in the agency even the nsa is a refreks from the culture from the top. you have a president and administration that revels in bei going beyond the box if you will that they are limited to by law. and i think that seeped all of the way down into the nsa. >> just last week if you remember the president reminding the american people of the legality of the program. >> now, keep in mind that as a senator i expressed a healthy skepticism about these programs. as president i have taken steps to make sure that they have strong over sight by all three branchs of government. >> the chief judge of the report reportedly said the court doesn't have the tools to check if the government breaks the sur
2:34 am
ray lens scho -- sur slains too. >> edward snowden saying in a new statement that journalists have been misled about his legal situation by people associated with his father. he said quote, i asked journalists to understand they do not possess any special knowledge regarding my situation or future plans and not to exploit the tragic vacuum of my father's emotional compromise for the sake of tabloid news. that statement released the same day the wall street journal reported that his father's legal team does not trust his closest advisors. ki wikileaks and guardian reporter glen greenwald. >> as egypt braces toer more protests obama cancels joint military with the country after a crack town with protestors in cairo. >> we want to sustain our relationship with egypt our
2:35 am
traditional cooperation cannot continue as usual and rights are being rolled back. >> the u.s. supplies $1.3 billion in aim to egypt. the president says that could be on the chopping block if the violence continues. he needs to back off now and accept the fact that the egyptians have come to this pass themselves and they will have to resolve it. >> the death toll continues to rise from this week's bloody crack down on muhammad morsi supporters. nearly 650 people confirmed killed and thousands more injured. >> how about a good ending to a story? it was a move that hurt our country's wounded warriors. a cafe at walter reed medical center suspending meal tickets and cutting back hours because of sequester cuts. now thanks to our reporting of
2:36 am
the story and complaints from our nation's heros and their families, the military has reversed its decision. >> the massachusetts state trooper who released photos of the take down of boston bombing suspect dzhokhar tsarnaev is back on patrol. sergeant shawn murphy had been assigned to desk duty after leaking the dramatic images. he did it because the rolling stone magazine cover clamor rised the terror suspect. an investigation of whether he violated any departmental policies is still ongoing. for the first time ever the cia lifting the lid on area 51 in newly released documents including a map the government acknowledging the existence of the super secret base son of the nevada desert. it was used to develop the u2 spy plane among other tools and weapons. no word on any alien spacecraft.
2:37 am
documents were de classified by 2005 freedom of information act request. >> sleez to fame on the hit sitcom ""that '70{case)s show"". lisa robin kelly died in rehab. she was just 43. anna kooiman has the story. good morning everyone. she played the role of eric forman's attractive older sister on "the 70's show." >> laurie. >> eric. >> shouldn't you put clothes on? aren't you a little cold? >> in fact i am hot. >> why don't you go up stairs. >> lisa robin kelly passing away in her sleep at rehab after going into cardiac arrest. she just checked herself into the treatment facility earlier this week for alcohol abuse. this all happened after she was hospitalized on sunday with a blood alcohol level of .34 which is border line fatal.
2:38 am
over three years she was raised for a string of incidents. in 2010 she pled guilty to drunk driving earning her a night in jail and a year of unsupervised probation. in march 2012 she was arrested on a count of spousal abuse. the charges were later dropped in november of the very same year kelly and her husband were both raised for assault. in this past june she was arrested again under suspicion of driving under the influence. her former co-star tweeted this, terrible awful news brilliant on 70's. see you next time lrk, kisses. >> she was 47 years old. take a look at this. caught on camera the moment a north carolina state trooper is nearly hit by an 18 wheeler while conducting a traffic stop.
2:39 am
>> that was close. fortunately the trooper heard the sound of the skidding tires and as you can see was able to jump out of of the way just in time without getting hurt. the big rig and another vehicle got into an accident at that exact moment then they came to a stop in the middle of a busy highway. >> a new start phone app will prevent young drivers from texting behind the wheel. it is called text lart. they are shutting off texting availability when a car goes over 15 miles per hour. they hope to have it ready to go by early next year. parents would be able to use the app to monitor their kid's driving behaviors. >> baseball fan listen up a historic moment in baseball. mlb expanding the review process this season giving managers the tool they have never had before. managers will be allowed one challenge over the first six innings of games and two after
2:40 am
the 7th inning until the end of the game. the cause will be reviewed by a crew at mlb headquarters in new york city. the propose sal is to be voted on by the owners in november. >> extreme weather alert. storm activity forming in the gulf of mexico and atlantic ocean. >> maria molina keeping an eye on all of the storms as they get closer to land. >> we have two areas we are watching. one of them is already a tropical storm. one of them is tropical storm aaron. maximum sustained winds at 40 miles per hour. forecast the weekend over parts of the atlantic ocean. far away from the united states. the reason why we think it's going to weaken is we have cooler water out here and strong winds that will help tear apart that storm system. take a look at the other area in the circle. across parts of western caribbean and gulf of mexico and several tropical models are pointing the storm system could head to the north and west and could potentially be impacting
2:41 am
sections of texas. it will be tough for the storm to develop because we have strong winds regardless of whether it becomes a tropical storm or depression it will have heavy rooifrn the next several days and parts of the southeast. patti ann and heather i am sure you felt it cool again across the northeast with many waking up with temperatures in the 40s and 50's this morning. >> all right. maria, thanks. fall lake. >> the time now is about 20 minutes until the top of the hour. coming up as you get ready to grab your cup of coffee a warning that you want to hear about the danger that may be lurking in your cup. >> and caught on tape a texas shoplifter lucky to be alive, her daring attempt to invade police. ♪ turn around ♪ every now and then i get a little bit hungry ♪
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>> the sun starts to rise on a chilly morning. in the news right now as if obama care didn't cost enough millions of dollars are given to groups to help uninsured americans sign up for health insurance. let's turn to diane macedo from fox business network for the details. >> as you heard it the federal government awarded $67 million in if grants to 105 groups of people with the purpose of creating more people to sign up for health insurance this fall. they focus on florida, california and texas. it sames to add uninsured and healthy adults to the pool of people. where the health and human services secretary made the announcement received $4 million.
2:46 am
but even with the help hhs faces serious challenges in getting people to understand how to purchase health insurance through the on-line exchanges. a recent survey found 14 percent of americans understand basic terms like premium and deductible. in order for it to work healthy people have to sign up, too, to balance the costs. otherwise it will rise for everyone. the federal government has launched a 24-hour a day call center and states are also training their own navigate tors. opponents to the lawsuit continue to fight as some republicans are even calling for a government shut down at the end of september to stop funding for the law but other members of the party say that's counter productive. both sides have their work cut out for them. >> diane macedo, fox business. thanks. if you are under 55 you might want to rethink that fourth, fifth or maybe sixth cup
2:47 am
of coffee. a new study finds drinking about 4 cups per day is linked to a 50 percent higher risk of early death. researchers say excessive caffeine intake raises health risks. it raises a person's heart rate and blood pressure. now to this speaking of blood pressure a texas shoplifter lucky to be alive after this daring escape. she was confronted by a store employee before dropping the goods and making a run for it. the cops who saw it happen ran after her. the woman she crossed several lanes of speeding traffic. you can see it happening the whole thing caught on tape. unfortunately she actually got away. >> it is a duck phenomenon. "duck dynasty" in the second season the oldest robinson renewing wedding vows drew in 11.8 million viewers. that makes it the most watched nonfiction series beating out
2:48 am
jersey shore and john and kate plus 8. >> i like that quack at thatas . >> the frightening technology google wants to use to track your every move. >> stop lying, does this look like a lion to you. the unbelievable lion swaps in the zoo. you will get it after you see the story. >> good morning rpgs brian. >> have a great weekend. i hope to see you in the hallways at the end of the day. the nsa malpractice proven. we will go over that story. egypt is it up to the u.s. to bail them out or should we just bail out? a story you have to hear we are talking about a paralyzed swimmer banned from the paraolympics. banned because there's a chance she may walk again. a series about stay at home dads.
2:49 am
our all american concert series continues. the tower of power in the power of news. that's a lot of power. i am going to painitake my shir.
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2:52 am
♪ snows ♪ fly like an ♪ eagle >> that would be central park in new york city on a beautiful day as the sun comes up on this friday. we hope that your day is starting great as well. it is now about 5 # 2 minutes -- 52 minutes after the top of the hour. google now trying to track your every look. it has just filed for a patent that reveals
2:53 am
far-reaching plans for the i-tracking sensor that already exists. apparently google is calling it pay per gaze advertising and it involves charging advertisers if the user looks at an ad on-line or off-line while wearing the glasses. >> the aclu is filing a class action lawsuit against the chicago housing authority. it's over a policy forcing residents to submit to annual drug tests to renew their leases. the group says it's not only a privacy violation but it's unconstitutional. the c.h.a. says the rules only apply to some housing complexes but would not elaborate on the reason. >> plea deal rejected. there are reports real housewives of new jersey star teresa giudice attempted to avoid jail time with a plea deal in her and her husband's financial fraud case but a prosecutor has denied it. the court -- the couple pleaded not guilty wednesday to a list of
2:54 am
charges. they face jail time and fines for apparently exaggerating their income and making false statements on loan applications. a trial is set for october. >> this is unbelievable. a zoo in china tried and failed to pull one over on its visitors. they tried to pass off a tibet an mastiff as a lion but a mother and dog realized it was a dog when they heard it barking. they want their money back. >> check out this adorable discovery. scientists uncovered the furry mammal. it is the newest member of the raccoon member and first new carnivore species found in the western hemisphere in 35 years. scientists describe its rare find as a cross between a teddy bear and a house cat. >> sure is cute. >> good news. coming up next, new details on a bombshell report
2:55 am
overnight. turns out the laws that were supposed to protect people's privacy rights didn't do that. what you need to know about the n.s.a. next. >> did you get lucky and not know it? one millionaire is running out of time. he or she better act fast. we'll explain. ♪ ♪ ♪ [ female announcer ] it balances you... it fills you with energy... and it gives you what you are looking for to live a more natural life. in a convennt two bar pack. this is nature valley.
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>> two minutes till the top of the hour. before you leave the house, here's what's happening. a new report that the n.s.a. broke privacy rules thousands of times each year. as obamacare takes place, consumer experts warning people to watch out for con artists calling and trying to verify personal information for fake health insurance exchanges. >> nearly 30 types of uk
2:59 am
ukinaba dog food being recalled. >> seven-year-old jean richards has learned to walk again after being hit by the boston bomber. money going into the pot in new jersey if no one claims the money by august 25. the ugly, utah police releasing surveillance images of man who allegedly tried to smash a motion light before he robbed a nearby van. the camera still caught him but he is on the run still. >> time for your favorite viral video of the week. which one will win? was it this sight? a lightning bolt strikes a train in tokyo. a stunt man loses control of his bike smashing into the crowd. no one hurt. >> a grandmother confusing confetti in one hand with a
3:00 am
drink in the other. luckily it was other. which was your favorite? according to the fox poll the winner was the lightning strike. >> granny mixing up the confetti with the drink was second. the stunt driver none. "fox & friends" starts now. have a great weekend. >> good morning. it is friday, august 16. the n.s.a. reveals it broke the law and your privacy is apparently not safe. new details this morning and they are not pretty. >> insult or awareness? abbeys lambic -- an islamic group planning a march on 9/11 saying muslims are the real victims here. the imam who defends this thing coming up. >>brian: just when you thought you were up on all the latest fashion trends,